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Adams Peak Excursions

Day 01              Adams Peak Day Excursion

Arriving at “Nallatanniya”- foot of “Sri Pada” in northern side around 8.00 p.m. and Meet Eco Team representative. ( You can do a day climb also)
Begin the arduous 07 km climb to the misty mountaintop with our experienced local guides.

You may reach the 2,240 meter high peak – the island’s fourth highest – at dawn to witness a glorious sunrise and the mountain’s shadow, cast by the rising sun on to the clouds below. Legend has it that, the footprint originally carved in the rock, and, now covered by an over sized reproduction set in cement, was made by the Buddha, on his third visit to the island.

Some believe it is the spot where Adam, from Christian creation myth, first set foot on earth, after being banished from the Garden of Eden. Other Christians believe, it belongs to St. Thomas, the Apostle. To Hindus, the footprint is ‘Lord Shiva’s.

Adam’s Peak is also known as the “butterfly mountain”, because large numbers of butterflies visit and perish there each year.

The mountain, on the western edge of the island’s central massif, looms over the surrounding hills, covered with lush, green jungle. (Peak wilderness sanctuary)

Peak wilderness sanctuary is among the best areas for birds and butterflies in Sri Lanka as well.

It usually takes three to four hours to reach the top, but during the pilgrim season, which begins in December and lasts till May, the throng is sometimes so great, it can take over – 30 minutes to move from one step to the other.

Start to Trek downhill to Nallathanniya on the same day. [You can climb from the southern side (‘Siripagama’ of the mountain and descending to the northern side of the mountain ‘ Nallatanniya – Total Trekking distance 20 km. 10 Hours- Hard Trekking Route.)
You will reach to the top and wait till sun rise.

The majority of climbers begin their ascent at night in order to arrive at the top in time for a magical sunrise when the mystical shadow of the peak is perfectly cast across the clouds. It is one of those truly unique moments that will live on in your memory long after the aches and pains from the climb have gone! However its’ possible only from Full Moon day of December to Full Moon Day of May. During other you have the option of doing a day climb and stay at the peak till the sunrise.
After watching the magical sun rise, start to descend the Adams Peak. ( You will reach around 10.00a.m to the foot of the Adams Peak)

You will have breakfast at the foot of Adams Peak

Departure for your next destination.