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Agro Tours in Sri Lanka – Tree House at Hiriwadunna


In recent times there has been a substantial increase in the concept of Agro tourism, the world over, with Sri Lanka being no exception to same.

Sri Lanka’s complex paddy cultivation systems, developed over the course of 2500 years and more, huge ancient irrigation tanks and many tea and rubber plantations are just some examples of its diverse agricultural developments which ensures its ability to cater to a niche market of agro tourists.

At We can arrange diverse experiences ranging from milking cattle on a dairy farm, having a go at plucking tea leaves using the traditional ‘bag-on-the-head’ method, rubber tapping under expert guidance, or even working in the many picturesque paddy fields of Sri Lanka!


  • Arrival to Hiriwaduna ( 4 km before Habarana Junction) around 9.30a.m
  • Welcome by Our Representative.
  • Start the Hiriwaduna trail
  • Cross the Hiriwadunna Wewa ( Dugout canoeing ride)
  • You have the chance to get chaina cultivation experience
  • Lunch
  • After lunch departure to your next destination

Sigiriya – Hiriwadunna Village

The Hiriwaduna Village located in Habarana is a simple 3 to 4 hour experience with jungle and village walks. The use of a Catamaran (Dugout canoes) is an exhilarating experience.

Chaina Cultivation

You can have a chance to get chaina cultivation experience. This is a very primitive agricultural method where farmers slash and burn jungle patches for cultivation of short term crops. They mainly depend on rain water and there will not be any major field preparations. Farmers usually rotate between 2 to 3 land plots.

Tree House

On the way to the trail (in Chaina cultivation lands), a semi permanent tall structure constructed by wood where farmers spend the night time. They take terns to be up during the night to have an eye on their crops which are easy edible targets for wild elephants and other animals. Keeping the “camp fire” alive is also an important duty !

You will have a chance to taste typical village lunch at a village house and their living style.

Hiriwadunna Wewa (Tank)

It provides a life line of water to many villagers in the area to cultivate their crops. Paddy / Onions and other varieties of vegetables are grown providing water from this tank.