Located a short distance from Matale town, Aluvihara signifies the greatest single event since the Buddha’s demise(Parinibbana).It was here that the Tripitaka(Scriptures)were committed to writing in the 1st century BC, during the reign of king walagamba. Tripitaka consists of three pitakas, namely:

The Vinaya Pitaka (which consists of rules governing the conduct of the monks and nuns and the regulations pertaining to the internal affairs of the Sangha, the monastic order).

The Sutta Pitaka(the records of the Buddha’s sermons and discussions and other literary documents).

The Abhidhamma Pitaka (a collection of seven  treatises which are the fundamental principles of the Suttas, in accordance with detailed psychological analyses)

You can see Ola books, styluses used for writing on Ola leaves, rock carvings and many Buddha statues.

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