Embekke Devalaya famed for its elaborate wood carvings, pillars and other structures is a place of religious worship which will make you to feel that no one other than a craftsman possessing dexterity, skills, and talents similar to those of Vishwakarma–the architect of gods– could have accomplished such marvelous creations. This devalaya dedicated to God Kataragama is located at Udunuwara in the Kandy district on the Dawulagala–Ganhatha – Welamboda road about six miles away from Pilimatalawa. Lankatilaka Raja Maha Viharaya is also located in the vicinity. There is a belief that a deity worshipped as Devata Bandara is also a deity of the place. In Kirala Sandesaya this place is mentioned as Mahasen Devalaya

There are many legends which provide information regarding the historical importance of this place which is regarded as a residence of a god. Adjoining Embekke there was another village known as Rangama. In this village there was a headman of a low caste named Sebala. He was suffering from a skin disease which was incurable. Treatments prescribed by various physicians were of no avail. At last he made supplications to the god and as a result he was cured. Since then he was devoted to the god and made regular offerings to the god.




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