Situated in the lush green hills of Nuwara Eliya, Ambewela Farms are made up of two farms, Ambewela Farm and New Zealand Farm. Blessed with the cool climes and pristine environment of the hill country, Ambewela Farm boasts superior breeds of cattle, modern technology and top-quality pastures where cattle graze freely. The result is an organization of international standards in a local setting, producing the best quality milk and milk products.

The Ambewela Farm has purebred Ayrshire cattle and the New Zealand Farm rears purebred Frisian cows, with both farms maintaining a pure line of cattle. These pedigree cows require a great deal of attention, and in order to maintain the quality of the milk, the farm management takes great care to provide them with a balanced diet and sterilized drinking water. In addition, the cattle are given excellent healthcare by our two resident veterinary surgeons that tend to the animals on a 24-hour basis. The cleanliness of the milking process is also of great importance with automatic milking parlous maintaining the highest levels of hygiene set by the Alfa Laval Company of Sweden. These measures ensure that the milk produced in the two farms is of the very best quality.



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