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Batik Factory

Over the past several decades the Indonesian art of batik making has become   firmly established in Sri Lanka. Indeed, it is now the most visible of the   island’s crafts. Galleries and factories, large and small, have sprung up in   many tourist areas. For instance, rows of small stalls selling batiks can be   found all along Hikkaduwa’s Galle Road strip. Mahawewa, on the other hand, is   famous for its batik factories.
Batiks incorporate fascinating motifs and colours, some traditional others   highly contemporary and individual, but they all display a vigorousness of   design unique to the island. The material created by the batik-makers is used to   produce distinctive dresses, shirts, sarongs and beachwear ideal for tropical   climes. Many tourists at seaside resorts such as Hikkaduwa wear batik clothes   throughout their holiday. Apart from clothes, batik wall hangings of beaches and   sunsets are popular as a reminder of a visit to Sri Lanka.