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Colombo, the Commercial Capital of Sri Lanka with a population of a little over   04 million, boasts perfect co-ordination and co-existence of past and present,   with the remarkable remnants of Dutch and English rule of the 18th & 19th   combined with the present luxurious comforts. Speedy sports cars and latest   automobiles have occupied the streets once ruled by human driven-rickshaws and   tram cars. High-rise buildings stand side by side the monumental houses   reflecting the bygone era. All religions mingle in unity with Buddhist Temples,   Churches, Hindu Kovils and Mosques                     being built in close vicinity to each   other. Nearly every visitor to Sri Lanka begins or ends his tour to Sri Lanka   from Colombo, as the Bandaranaike International Airport is situated just 40   Kilometres away from Colombo and the harbour at the very heart of Colombo. The   bustling port of Colombo is ranked no. 01 in South Asia and no. 26 in the World.   The city premises may appear to be ridiculously small for its overflowing   population of 04 million, yet there are 15 divisions within the city limits,   named as Colombo 01, Colombo 02 etc. Many restaurants serve Local and   International food and beverages. Shopping malls offer a range of fashionable   clothing and street bazaars are found widely spread within the Colombo city   limits.