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Bambaragala Temple Visit with Hike

Bambaragala Rajamaha Viharaya is situated in the village of Henagahawela  at Teldeniya. It’s a cave temple which surrounded by stunning views of the Victoria reservoir and Knuckles mountain range. It’s also known as rock cave hermitages (Aranne) where Buddha statues were housed.

If you climbed up to the top of the Bambaragala rock gives you stunning panoramic views of the Victoria Reservoir and the entire region.
The hike will take approximately 1 hour and the final stretch requires agility and balance.

Bambaragala Temple Visit with Hike Duration:
The temple is located around 1 hour away from where u stayed. This excursion will take just over 5 hours, if you embark on the hike, will it will take less time, if it is only restricted the to the temple visit.