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Belihuloya One Day Camping With Activities



• Arrival and Welcome to campsite in Kinchigune – Belihul Oya

• Welcome the guests

• Taken to the river for a bath (Due to the sensitivity of the area the bathing has to be done with a full swim suit or in a short + T shirt)

• BBQ dinner & Overnight stay at Campsite in Kinchigune –


This is a climatically transitional area, which links the dry and wet zones at an altitude of less than 1500m. As a result, the vegetation it consists is moist semi-evergreen forests, tropical savanna forests, dry patana grasslands and montane temperate forests. The vegetation in this environment has made this location an exciting one for the serious as well as the casual nature lover. The average temperature in the area is about 28.3 degrees Celsius and the mean annual rainfall is between 1,875 and 2,500mm.

This is a unique place where two streams namely “Belihuloya” and “Galagamaoya” meet together creating a natural bathing area with clear unpolluted water that flows down from “Horton Plains” 2200 meters above the sea level

Belihul Oya Trekkking

The still calm waters of the Samanalawewa reservoir are perfect for canoeing. Whether you want to take your time and go for a leisurely paddle for a couple of hours, perhaps venturing out to the mouth of the Belihuloya River or spend an entire day exploring the perimeter of the reservoir, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience. The surrounding mountains add to the idyllic setting of the reservoir.


• Breakfast at Kinchigune Campsite.

• Canoeing in Samanala Wewa (Can select any other activity mentioned below)

• Departure