Bundala National Park located 246 Km South East of Colombo is Sri Lanka’s First Ramsar, Wetland, honored

internationally for its significant role since it hosts over 15,000 shorebirds, at any given time over the period

of August to April.This Unique are of picturesque lagoons and inter-tidal mud flats where the wintering birds

rest and feed, golden beaches and sand dunes frequented by nesting sea turtles and the thorny scrub jungle

where elephant, deer and the wild buffalo roam, is also a paradise for 149 species of resident and migratory

birds.The park lies on the Hambantota District of the southern province. Bundala initially declared as sanctuary

on 5th December 1969 and was upgraded to a National Park on 4 th January 1993.The Park designated a

wetland of International Importance at the time of Sri Lanka’s ratification at the Ransar Convention on 15th

October 1990.This is the last refuge of the greater flamingo in this part pf the island, as well as being important

for elephant and a variety of threatened reptiles.





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