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Chaaya Tranz Wedding

A lavish location with beautiful gardens overlooking the beach, Chaaya Tranz Hikkaduwa offers a wonderful location for tropical romance complete with décor and traditional dancers for a memory of a lifetime.
Base offering
  • Pre- wedding briefing with the hotel’s wedding coordinator and team.
  • A unique local arrangement for the bride’s arrive at the ceremony.
  • Going away will take place in a unique   local arrangement.
  • Registration and certificate officiated by the hotel on behalf of the married couple.
  • A unique setting as venue for the ceremony.
  • A bouquet for the bride, table arrangements, two garlands, boutonniere for the groom.
  • A decorated location with the “Poruwa” (decoredted wooden platform) with  traditional oil lamp.
  • Traditional Sri Lankan Drummers.
  • Welcome drinks and cakes for invitees up to 10 guests. Extra are chargerble.
  • A master of ceremonies presiding over the vows.
  • A bottle of sparkling wine will be served during the ceremony for the couple.
  • Wedding cake with Sri Lankan Sweet meats.
Optional  Extras
  • 20 Photographs (6 “ x 8 “) excluding an album.
  • 50 Photographs (6 “ x 8 “)excluding an album.
  • 1 hour video of the wedding on a DVD.
  • A bottle of Champagne ( Moet et Chandon)
  • Specical   BBQ dinner.
  • 02 – Tiered wedding cake and structure
  • 1 hour cocktail with canapés (local liquor only)
Valid till 16th June 2016