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 Ella, situated at 1,050 meters, is famous for the view from its mountain gap, its towering rock, and mysterious cave. Although Sri Lanka has many scenic delights, there are few places to equal Ella. The view from the front garden of the rest house is particularly awe-inspiring. The terrain falls away precipitously down a ravine and then over miles of jungle to the shimmering expanse of the sea in the far distance, a scene enhanced by the looming Ella Rock on the right and a jungle ridge on the left.

Ella Rock is remarkable for the cave popularly known as the Cave of Ravana, because legend has it that it was here that Ravana, the demon villain of the Ramayana, hid his captive, the beautiful Sita. Properly known as Rattaran Guhava, it was in this cave that the Sri Lankan paleontologist, Dr Paul Deraniyagala, discovered ten skeletons of the cannibalistic Balangoda Man, Homo sapiens balangodensis. A visit to the cave requires a rope or rope ladder for entry as the floor is below the mouth.  The cave has not been explored beyond the lake that fills it only a short way from the entrance.

Ravana Ella Falls, about 5 km from Ella, are also associated with the Ramayana. Ravana The stream plunges
with a foaming spray over a series of ledges into the valley close to the road. Wide but not very high (9m) this waterfall has been described as the wildest looking in Sri Lanka. It is certainly one of the most beautiful.