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Guest Comments – 2018

The driver was very professional and friendly. His services and guidance were highly appreciated throughout the trip.

Emma Virkki
September  2018 - Finland

Nalin was perfect and really kind and with high skills.

Omar Cane
September  2018 - Italy

Enjoyed activities in Dambulla, The rock temple. A thoroughly enjoyable holiday.

Lynda Briggs
September  2018 - Australia 

Over and beyond his service required. Cannot thank Lalith enough. He was exceptional.

Cheryl Ann Ryan
September  2018 - Australia 

A great trip through a beautiful country. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Sri Lanka.

Peter Attenborough
September  2018 - Australia 

The places we visited were very interesting and were the sort of sights we wanted to see in Sri Lanka.

David John Show
September  2018 - Australia 

Chanaka was superb and went to great effort be help and guide us to make the most of our trip to Sri Lanka. Great company for last 10 days!

David Chittick
September  2018 - Australia

I wanted to say Sunjewa was very professional during all our trip. He helped us a lot with getting to know Srilanka. I recommend him to everyone visiting Sri Lanka.

Abir Al Khalily
July  2018 - UAE 

Our tour was enhanced by Mr Azwar, who in this short time became our friend, philosopher and tour guide. He took us to the right places and without him our tour would not been as much fun. So Thank you Azwar and we had grate vacation in Sri Lanka.

Divay Gupta
June 2018 - India

Thank you for the arrangement of the Tour itineraries . We have a great experience in Sri Lanka and definitely would recommend our friends to visit.

Angie Tai
June 2018 - Maldives

Good Variety of tours. Got to see several parts of Sri Lanka. Excellent driver. Knowledgeable, dependable and courteous. It was excellence experience .

Clifford Llyod Moshay
January 2018 - Singapore

Excellent minibus Excellent driver and Jockey – they were in very high praise for their guide as well Loved the Movenpick in CMB and all the other hotels, Beach and hotel in Habarana, Surya in Negombo was very nice

Carl Fernadez,
January 2018 - Australia