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Hambantota lies on the Deep South of Sri lanka. An interesting location for a morning stroll is the large

fish market here that houses many varieties.

Hambantota Bay forms a crescent , with fishing boats lining the shore. Twenty miles east of Hambantota,

lies  the most attractive city of the district tissamaharamaya where the sacred tissa Dagaba provides

a fitting backdrop to the shimmering waters of the Tissa Wewa.

Hambantota, referred to as the land of milk and honey,stands on a sandy headland, on the seaward

is de of which a huge fleet of outrigger fishing canoes draws up, and the horizon is almost always dotted

with their small triangular sails. with sweeping sand beaches on either side, this is a convenient base for

exploring the nearby tourist spots. Near Hambantota are the salt pans that attract many species of birds