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Insight Resort


Recreational facilities
Ø Backgammon
Ø Carrom
Ø Chess
Ø Cricket
Ø Darts
Ø Draughts
Ø Frisbee
Ø Minipool
Ø Playing cards
Ø Scrabble
Ø TableTennis
Ø Volleyball

Light entertainment at Insight keeps you in high spirits during dinner. We offer you varied theme nights of course with a different choice of cuisine.

Our theme nights are always boosted with appropriate light music such as
“ Sri Lankan Night” – Traditional oriental music.
“ International buffet” – Country & western singer or a two-piece band.
“ Fisherman’s Grill” – Calypso band.
“ Flavour of Chinese” – Country & western singer or a two-piece band.
“ BBQ Night” – Flute player backed by a folk drum or a calypso band.

The weekly performance by the in-house staff of Insight is a highlight. Lots of fun & entertainment on an evening like this is assured as the dedicated staff of the hotel like to get the fun loving guest to interact in their performance.
On some days of the week it is nice to be entertained by the folk drumming (rabban) of the female folks.
Depending on the requirement & interest of the in-house guests, Management will throw in DJ music, magic show for kids, folk dancers & so on………..
On the days of extremely low occupancy entertainment programmers are not assured.