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Maalu Maalu Resorts and Spa


Maalu Maalu Resorts and Spa  consists of 40 rooms, each designed to accommodate every luxury you may anticipate. Yet it is presented with understated elegance that is a signature trademark of the resort. The cadjan covered roofs create a cool interior while the wooden structure and authentic Sri Lankan furnishing give the rooms an Authentic touch.Each Chalet consists of two separate apartments; one on the ground floor and the other on the upper level attainable by an outer external. The ground floor units are equipped with a terrace whilst the upper level Consists of a balcony. All rooms are designed to have a superb view of the Passekudah bay

Things to do

Ayur Vie’ spa

Rejuvenate yourself at the ‘Ayur Vie’ spa with traditional Sri Lankan Ayurvedic therapy.

Water Sports

If you’re someone who loves an adrenaline rush, Jet skiing ,Wind Surfing or Kayaking would be the ideal water sports for you.

Discover an underwater world

Snorkel or Dive to discover virgin coral reefs or maybe even a shipwreck.Please take care not to break any coral; not only would it damage the beauty of the underwater world but the corals protect the shoreline. The law prohibits collecting live corals from the reef


Join in on a game of Badminton or beach Volley Ball , rugby or  soccer . Walk along the shore and collect beautiful seashells the tide brings in or maybe channel the kid within you and enjoy some Kite flying.


Our delicious meals might result in you wanting to burn some calories. Or you may want to keep up your regular workout routine. Our state of the art gymnasium will provide for all your needs.

Walking & Cycling

Walk or cycle through the neighboring fishing villages and interact with the villagers to discover their culture and simple way of life.


Relax in the Infinity Swimming Pool or on the beach. Here you can enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset or simply bask in the beauty of the Passekudah bay


Cycle Trips to Kalkudah Visit a Traditional Hindu Temple and Village Markets Visit the remains of ancient Polonnaruwa and explore archaeological sites


Rejuvenate yourself at the “Ayur Vie” spa. Based on ancient ayurvedic treatments passed down from generation to generation our range will replenishing your body, sooth your spirit and cleanse your soul. Oil baths, herbal massages and other signature treatments will be made available. Here you may also seek advice from our onsite ayurvedic doctor and undergo the traditional panchakarma treatment. Ayurveda, meaning ‘the science of life’ focuses on preventing illness through a deeper connection between body and mind. Ones you visit the spa,tak time out of your life ,and seek the ultimate balance of body ,mind and consciousness.


Every morning Yoga sessions are conducted by trained teachers, to help you take the first step to a healthier life style


Direct to Passekudah from the Airport or from Colombo. Distance 300 KM. Travel time 6 hrs. Airport /Dambulla. Distance 184 KM. Travel Time 3 hrs. Overnight Stay ,Dambulla to Passekudah. Distance 138 KM. Travel Time 2 ½ hrs