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Mahoora Camp

 Sri Lanka is a land of surprises, an island of great natural beauty, and is home to a melting pot of peoples who through the ages have melded their differing cultures into what Sri Lanka is today – an island like no other.National Parks, Sanctuaries and Reserves abound in this compact island nation, each offering a plethora of unique landscapes and a stunning variety of both endemic and migratory wildlife. With leopards, elephants and sloth bears being the favorite of the terrestrial animals to witness in the wild, Sri Lanka has a vast range of bird species, numerous amphibians and an immense variety of reptiles resident in it’s wilds. Depending on what you would like to see, Sri Lanka has the location for you to observe the creatures in their wild and rugged natural habitats.

Mahoora Mobile Tented Safari Camps offer you the chance to experience an adventure which will astound, inspire and even humble you in the face of so much diverse beauty. We have many locations all around Sri Lanka where, depending on what type of experience you would like, Mahoora will provide accordingly.

Not only do we offer locations in areas of beguiling remoteness, but to suit differing requirements Mahoora offer you the choice of 3 different Camping Options – Luxury, Premium and Standard.