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Palm Garden Village


 The hotel is situated on a 50 acre plot of land that was originally used for chena cultivation. The land was devoid of trees and completely abandoned at the time of purchase on the early 1990′s.Since then, a new forest has been created through hard work and patience. For the landscaping of the hotel, more then 500 big trees (about 20 feet high) were brought from the Jungle, with the permission of the Forest Department and replanted in the garden of the hotel. Over 2000 other young plants have been planted to create a king of “botanical garden”. The difficulty of irrigation during the dry season has been solved by the digging of wells in a different part of the land. Now trees of many species and varieties are found on the premises creating an atmosphere of cool tranquility. Varieties of mango have been introduced to start a mango orchard while other varieties of fruit – bearing trees have been scattered throughout the hotel premises to attract birds and wildlife. The medicinal Kohomba trees are found everywhere-lining the meandering walkways and growing in clusters near the chalets. Rare varieties such as Nedun, Ebony and Kumbuk are also found in plenty .Only 25% percent of the 50 acre estate is covered with buildings. While the rest paved with walkways and trekking trekking trails under a canopy of trees. An ancient irrigation tank, Located at the edge of the property, has been renovated by the hotel, with the approval of the government, enabling villagers to obtain scare water during time of drought. The tank attracts large varieties of birds, elephants and other wildlife, which has made a trek to the tank at dusk an enchanting experience for the guests. Bird watchers and nature lovers can spend their time exploring.Accommodation10 spacious suites with colonial type beds, and with a sitting area. 40 Air Condition rooms with combatable beds, tastefully furnished and provided with every comfort to put you immediately at your ease: armchairs, a shelf for your luggage, an ample wardrobe, a writing desk, table and chairs. Bathroom with shower. Mini bar and TV with Satellite channels.FacilitiesThe Swimming Pool One of the largest in the area, it is completely surrounded by greenery. Bar A well stock bar to with a rage of cocktails and beverages. The Restaurants Refined and welcoming, they face the park. It consists of two spacious areas for relaxed dining and for important occasions. Gymnasium The hotel has its own gymnasium with stat of the art equipments to keep it’s guest fit. Game Room A range of indoor games: Billiards, snooker, pool, carom, chess and many more games. Chapel A Roman Catholic chapel situated in the park of the hotel, offers to the guest moments of reflections and spiritual intimacy. Inside it is possible to admire reproductions of the beautiful frescoes of Giotto. Ayurveda & Spa Ayurveda, which translates as life science, is Sri Lanka ‘s traditional herbal medicine and has been used here for thousands of years, as documented in ancient texts. There are many hospitals among the ruins of our ancient cities and all of these were Ayurvedic ones.Ayurveda is based on the natural cures contained in leaves, flowers, bark, roots and berries, from which are made various tonics, wines, potions, powders, poultices, pastes, pills, ointments, infusions and inhalations.In our Health Center we provide the following treatments,Head Massage, Body Massage, Foot Massage, Steam Bath, Herbal Bath, Facial Massage and the relaxing Jacuzzi Bath in the new Spa area. All above is done by a qualified and well experience doctor.