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Rock Chalet

Entry PointAs you turn in you are on a driveway that is accentuated by a vista of straight and stately rubber trees presenting a guard of honor as it were, to the distinguished visitor right up to The Rock Chalet’s entry point.

The Hide – Out

Away from it all is the incredible location of the room that sheltered Braise Girdle an Englishman,75 years ago when there was an island – wide manhunt for his arrest. The room, now refurbished and modernized offers to its present day occupants maximum privacy and seclusion. Elegantly equipped with antique furniture, spacious bathroom and diffused lighting , the room opens out into a private verandah from whence you enjoy a magnificent overview of the natural habitat.

Comfort and Luxury

Every guest room, whether it’s the ‘Dolomite’, ’Termaleen’, ‘Jespa’,’Memosa’or Arora, all represent super comport and luxury. An imposing king size four poster canopy bed with its complementary accessories gives each room, elegance, refinement and style that enhances the character of every guest room. You will wake up to the chirping of the birds and the Koratota breeze blowing gently through the seventeen and a half acre rubber estate.

Silhouette in blue

You will no doubt enjoy a shower under the ‘ Peella’ where fresh crystal clear running water comes cascading over king size luscious foliage winding its way through a bedrock of ferns to wet your body and prepare you for a dip in the pool. With the wave of a hand a personalized service is available if you would like to have bites and drinks by the pool side.


The verandah running outside The Rock Chalet gives clout to its natural resources so that at whatever point you stand and look, your eyes will capture every novel feature that is interspersed for your roaming eyes…a sweeping view of scenic beauty from all angles.

Outdoor club for indoor games

For guests, young and old, there is an open air sit out for fun and games. There is a wide range of indoor games from scrabble, monopoly, chess and Chinese checkers to carom and card games. Irrespective of age this is where the young and the old mix in perfect harmony.

A Feast for your eyes

The Rock Chalet is a creative designer’s incredible work of art…something unique in every sense of the word. The lesson to learn is that the designer has allowed his imagination to exploit on nature’s breathtaking features that Koratota Estate has been abundantly blessed with.


For guests who prefer barbecue the grill is located in ideal surroundings slightly below the level of the garden, ensuring the right atmosphere to enjoy a feast just the way it should be, complete with meats, sauces and finger licking

Kitchen and Dining

The Kitchen is fully equipped with state of the art stainless steel cooking mechanisms handled by an experienced chef and his team of assistants. They are versatile to the extent that they can prepare any food to suit every palate and come up with custom made dishes on request. The dining area is open and airy in keeping with the concept of the designer, to blend with the rest if the architecture.

Scenic Beauty

Varying shades of granite, luscious foliage, running water and birds of contrasting shades and shapes combine to give The Rock Chalet a scenic beauty that is incomparable.

For you exclusively

It is tailor made for lovers to fall in love all over again and for friend and families to regroup and rediscover themselves amidst this unique and tranquil expanse of a fairyland.

Herbal  Therapy

At one end of the Rock Chalet’s sprawling lawn in between the meticulously landscaped palm grove and giant hibiscus is the flight of steps leading to the spa and the steam baths inviting you to submit yourself to a range of pampering aromatic oils, therapies and massages inspired by ayurveda. Handled by highly skilled staff you will experience an unsurpassed exercise, geared to give comfort and fitness to a stressed body and mind.