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Wild Trails By Amaya

About Wild Trails

A visit to Sri Lanka is never complete without a tour to a wildlife sanctuary. Of the many wildlife parks in the country, Yala National Park and its accommodation, situated in the deep south of the island, is a must visit. Abundant with wildlife, where the majestic Sri Lankan elephant still reigns supreme and the ever elusive leopard, in its graceful elegance, tip toes its way to a hunt or to quench its taste at its favorite water hole.

Experience Sri Lanka’s big 5 from the corridors of their habitats and listen to the music of the birds on the canopy above, and hear the animal calls as you were among them, sharing their space. Yala is a park that has to be experienced from within. At Wild Trails, we offer you an experience; a camping facility with luxurious accommodation within Yala National Park, unforgettable hospitality, a sumptuous array of food, and a tasteful collection of spirits and wines.


Your accommodation in Tissamaharama, in south-eastern Sri Lanka, spells comfort and convenience with a touch of luxury. Each is provided with all the essentials you need during your stay in the jungle. A location that seems a world away from the city, you’ll find it amazing to come home to a serene abode that is equipped with an excellent array of amenities.

The best way to experience the sights and sounds of Yala is to holiday within the park, and the best accommodation you can get are the luxurious Wild Trails Safari Camps. Four large and spacious tents that are 10 feet wide and 15 feet in length, 8 feet high at the center and 6 feet high at the side of the walls. Each tent camp sleeps 2 pax, and comes with a separate toilet and shower area.

Set in a breathtaking patch of land bordering a river within the park, serene and peaceful, occasionally interrupted by the calls of the wild. The rustic greenery which camouflages the campsite forms a natural canopy, blocking out the heat of the sun. The mild breeze that sweeps across the campsite and your accommodation in Tissamaharama, as well as the sound of the flowing river nearby is almost therapeutic.