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Major Rivers


There are 103 rivers and streams with most flowing from the upcountry mountains of sri lanka. The longest is the Mahaweli. It starts its 333Km journey near Adam’s Peak and finds its way into the Indian Ocean at Koddiyar Bay at Trincomalee. It is the only perennial river to cross the dry Zone. Sri lanka’s perennial rivers are called Ganga, and other streams are called Oya in Sinhala or Aru in Tamil.A number of rivers have now been developed both for irrigation and power. The Victoria power project on Mahaveli Ganga is one of the largest in Asia. The other power projects are Kothmale, Rantambe and Randenigala on the Mahaveli river.Kala-oya starts from Kalawewa Reservoir built in the 5th Century.

Other rivers which are over 100 Kms long:

Name of River                                  Length

Mahaweli Ganga                                  335Km

Kala Oya                                                 148Km

Yan Oya                                                  142Km

Walawe Ganga                                      138Km

Maha Oya                                               134Km

Kirindi Oya                                            117Km

Menik Oya                                              114Km

Mi Oya                                                      109Km

Aruni Aru                                               164Km

Kelani Ganga                                         145Km

Deduru Oya                                           142Km

Maduru Oya                                          135Km

Kalu Ganga                                            129Km

Kumbukkan Oya                                 116Km

Gal Oya                                                   108Km