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Muthurajawela Visitor Center

 Muthurajawela Visitor Centre
The Muthurajawela Visitor Centre, better known as ‘The Marsh’ is the entry point to this ecological haven. ‘The Marsh’ offers to the avid eco-tourist a splendid opportunity to see and feel the charm of nature in its most pristine form in less than a day. It is located within the unique wetlands between Colombo and Negombo.Muthurajawela is a bird sanctuary, which provides a home to 40 species of migratory birds and 85 species of indigenous birds.

Muthurajawela is one of the island’s most important wetland habitats, surrounding more than 3,000 hactares of marshland and mangrove forest, located inland from the ocean and directly south of the Negombo lagoon.The Butterflies recorded include 48 species and these represent 20% of the total butterfly species in Sri Lanka. None of them endemic but 6 species are nationally endangered. Among the common butterflies are the Blue Glassy Tiger, Glassy Tiger and the Tailed Jay.

Important Stats:

Opening hours : 7:00 am – 6:00 pm (Everyday)
Stratification: Mangrove, Lagoon & Salt Marsh
Size: 6,232ha
Status: Ramser Wetland – Wetland Sanctuary
Temperature: Mean annual temperature is 27 (degree c)
Annual Rainfall:  Average annual rain fall 2000-2500mm
Best time of year to visit: All year round; September to April migrant birds can be observed in numbers
Optimum duration of stay: Half a day or full day visit
Highlights: Water birds, migrating waders, many species of Butterflies and specially good for Dragonflies and Mangrove forest

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