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Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya town offers you everything as any other town does and more. Its unique climate, the atmosphere which some say is a typical English environment, the golf course ,race course, horses, rose gardens and British style houses add up to a perfect vacation retreat. more than foreigners, local travelers visit here for holidaying especially during the warmest months of  April/May, when colombo’s elite seek the relief of its cooling invigorating climate. you can reach Nuwara Eliya via Kandy or Hatton, and there are plenty of hotels, guest houses and restaurants to suit every taste and budget.

staying overnight in Nuwara Eliya is a wonderful experience. you can enjoy the best of fresh vegetables. The town is well planned and still retains its English style. The Golf Club, opened in 1889 is worth visiting .Especially interesting is the club house, with paintings and photographs of old days of the can take leisurely walks around beautiful lake Gregory and enjoy stunning scenery and panoramic vistas, with rugged mountains outlined against clear blue sky making a breath –taking backdrop.

Hakgala Gardens

10km from the town on the Badulla Road, the extent of this beautiful garden is over 26 hectares. Visitors can stroll through an array of exotic gardens,trees for hours watching rose gardens, fern gardens an array of exotic trees, plants and flowers. This is a very popular stop and weekends are full, and it is very difficult to find parking along the main road.

Horton Plains

Horton Plains is located just about 20Km south from Nuwara Eliya .Most of the visitors walk up to the “World s Enf”,a sudden end precipice which drops straight down about 900m, with a magnificent breathtaking view of the plains below. The weather here is unpredictable, and changes very often without warning. Another popular site worth a visit is Baker’s Falls.Horton plains is the only wildlife sanctuary other than the Horagolla Park in Sri Lanka where you can leave your vehicle and walk ,and is the source of most of the country’s main rivers. This is a favorite place for trekkers, as there are plenty of soft and hard trails. You must be well prepared to visit Horton Plans as it may take about 4-5 hours to complete the full round.

Kande Ela Forest Park

An education center for eco-friendly travelers, the Kande Ela Forest Park offers the visitors learning sessions by lectures and a one hour walk through the forest to enjoy the bio diversity, wood technology, scientific forest conservation, soil protection with the guides provided by the office on site. They conduct special workshops and seminars for school children .The information center at the Entrance. This forest is a part of Kande Ela Forest Department’s Bunglow is on the other side of the road.

Gregory’s Lake – Nuwara Eliya

This lake was fashioned under orders of British Governor Sir William Gregory in 1873.A boat yard allows visitors to go boating and rowing.

Hill Club

A member’s only club, though visitors could apply for temporary membership for use of the facilities. a dress code applies .There is also a golf course and tennis courts for hourly rates.

Golf Club Nuwara Eliya

Walking distance from the town center, built in 1891 the club offers 18 hole course, could rent clubs shoes and buy old balls. There is a certain dress code ,a decent golf attire. Is is also a billiard room and badminton hall. visitors can have meals at the restaurant, and there are 18 rooms for accommodation.

Trekking and Hikking in Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya offers  good adventure sport locations because of its landscape. Pidutalagala the highest mountain peak of Sri Lanka is just north of the town. Through the summit is not open to the public ,since the main television transmitter is on top of the summit. you can climb up to about four KM. There are several water falls along the track. There are many walking paths around the Gregory’s lake too.

This mountain known as Sumanakuta or the abode of saman-an indigenous pre Aryan deity-by Sinhala Buddhists has at the top of its peak a huge footprint believed to be that of the Buddha, hence the name Sri Pada or “Holy Foot” sometimes applied to it .Tamil Hindus believe the footprint to be that of Siva,hence the name sivanoli padam given to it by them. Muslims believe it to be that of Adam, the ancestor of mankind, who having been expelled from paradise set his foot on earth upon the mountain, and Roman Catholics attribute it  to St.Thomas .The annual pilgrimage season begins in December and ends in May. This conial mountain is situated 16KM.North East of Ratnapura.

Victoria Park and the Turf Club

Victoria Park is in the middle of the town and good for strolls. pony and Horse riding is available at the turf club of Nuwara Eliya also situated near the park.