The Seruwila Mangala Viharaya in Trincomalee district is considered as one of the most venerable ancient temples in the Eastern province. This Viharaya is said to be built by king Kavantissa, the father of king Dutugemunu by enshrining the forehead relic of Buddha in the Second century BC.

It is about 30 Kms south of Trincomalee on the coastal road from Trincomalee-Batticaloa to Seruwila.Seruwila Raja Maha Vihare is also accessible from Kantalai on the 45 Kms long road from Kantalai. To Allai.

Over the years , the dagaba fell into decay under the pressure of Tamil invasions from the north. It was only at the beginning of the last century that the dagaba was restored to its pristine glory by the Archeological Department .The remains of ancient structures still survive around the dagaba. There are also ancient caves in the area.Two Buddha figures seated under the hood of the Naga king Mucalinda are also found here. In the vicinity of the dagaba is an ancient inscription which goes back to the second century.

The abandoned Viharaya was discovered in the year 1920 by a young  bhikkhu living in a temple at Dodanduwa in the Southern province after having read about the Seruwila Mangala Viharaya which existed in the Eastern province



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