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Sinhala & Hindu New Year Festival

Celebrated by all Sinhalese and Hindus, the traditional New Year celebrations fall on between 12 to 14 April and are the celebration of Sun God’s passage from Pisces to Aries.

It is a harvest thanksgiving and is mainly celebrated by the villagers in true traditional style. A colourful and extravagant festival, this season is usually a holiday for the whole country.

The Aluth Avurudu (New Year) is a time for friendships and family and many traditions are observed according to the litha (astrological time). New clothes are worn, milk boiled and traditional milk rice with sweets fill the tables.

The youth spend the day engaged in various traditional games such as climbing a greased poll, pillow fighting, breaking a pot blindfolded and the girls plating swinging.

The women also fill the air with Raban padha ( traditional drum instrument) dressed in their new year costume.

The Sinhala Hindu New Year still remains a powerful symbol of renewal of hope for the future and reaffirmation of our bond with nature and our commitment to the time-honoured values of our forebears. It is truly a celebration of life .