• 06:00 hrs early in the morning leave from the hotel armed with an exploration kit and with the correct attire proceed to the forest for a full day trekking expedition with pack breakfast and lunch. ( total trekking time approx 10 hrs)
  • On conclusion meet your own arranged transportation and departure to your next destination

The forest steeped in deep legend and mystery. The word Sinharaja means, lion (Sinha) king (Raja) and the popular belief is that the legendary origin of the Sinhala people in Sri Lanka is from the descendants of the union the lion king who once lived in the forest and a princess. Sinharaja Forest Reserve is one of the least disturbed and biologically unique lowland rain forests now remaining in Sri Lanka.

Today you will be trekking deep in to the forest; beginning of the trail is the best area to observe birds and butterflies (Indeed a paradise for bird watchers!!)

As you walk deeper in to the forest you will come across many mini waterfalls and streams that holds the key element of any eco system in the world. The terrain gets rough and the elevation inclines steadily as you proceed. You are walking through a rainforest so be prepared for leeches and for the random showers that will bring the adventurer in you

Once you reach the summit of Sinhagala (743m) you can have your picnic lunch while enjoying the breath taking panoramic view from the summit. Then the descending to the other side of the forest that leads to Lankagama begins. Holding onto the branches and sliding through the wet terrain and rocks this will for sure give you the thrill of a rain forest expedition

On completion of the trail you will meet your transportation from Lankagama

If you wish to spend a night in Lankagama there is a small lodge with basic facilities, if not you can proceed to beach or your desired destination.



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