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Sinharaja Rainforest Exploration



  • Arrival at the entrance of the Sinharaja Nature Reserve armed with an exploration kit and the correct attire (Recommended time 07:30 hrs)
  • Proceed to the forest for a half a day trekking expedition (Total trekking time around 4 hrs)
  • At this point you have the option of choosing your trail, you can select Mulawella trail or giant Nawada Tree trail

On conclusion meet your own arranged transportation at the entrance and departure to your next destination

Mulawella (758m), this trail is one of the most popular trails in Sinharaja forest and easily accessible, once you are at the summit you can easily see the lush greenery of the forest patch below. Beginning of the trail you will get a chance of observing birds and butterflies.

Trail to Nawada Tree is 5 Km from the main turning point and again this is also a very intriguing journey