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Sri Lankan Foods

Sri Lankan cooking has evolved around the staple rice. The national meal is not referred to as curry but as “rice and curry” which gives credit in descending order, for a Sri Lankan will sit in front of a mountainous plate of rice to which is added small spoonfuls of curries ,meat or vegetables along with spoonfuls of various pickles or sambols.

A Sri Lankan curry served in western proportions would have an explosive for effect, testing the most asbestos throats More than 15 varieties of rice are grown in the island, from the tiny white, translucent pearl shapes to long-grained Basmathi and the red Kakuluhal,a nutty stain with as much flavors as the Camargue red rice so much in demand in Europe.

Much of the Tamil food, like those, ulundu wade, masala vade, and idlis, savoury cakes of dhal and flour,are perfect herbivores. you’ll also always find something for a vegetarian palate in any Muslims restaurant, where watching the cooking is a cabaret in itself.

The traditional Sri Lankan breakfast is a serious contender to the great British ,Irish or American version. String Hoppers, Egg hoppers, Pittu, Kiribath and the full accompaniment of creamy coconut sauces and sambols were enough to make any one to leave his respite. Pittu, a rice flour and shredded coconut Preparationswhich is similar to a coarser type of cous –cous, is steamed inside a bamboo and eastern with a hot sambol and an anointment of subtly spiced pol hoddi.The appa (hoppers)is another classic item of a humble food that achieved gourmet satus. The hopper has a delicate ,puffy texture combine with the taste of crumpet. Made from a butter containing coconut milk and palm toddy, it is left to sit for a whole night to give it time to ferment .its cousin, the egg hoppers, shows off its décolletage by having an egg broken into the centre, making it even more mouth watering.

Indiappa or string hopper is mound of rice vermicelli steamed over a low fire ,It is another social climber which has popped into polite society and now, rubbing shoulders with some favorites of Sinhalese cooking like meat dishes with cashews and spices-palms itself off as string hopper biriani, which can leave Chinese chow mien sitting in a corner looking like something the shi’itsu dragged in.

Favorite Fish

All fish and seafood is freshly caught and available in abundant variety. Crab is cooked in a dozen different ways; lobster is far tastier than its Mediterranean relations; seer, amberjack, skipjack, herring are at their best from Negombo.

Pudding from Paradise

Pure ambrosia can be had in the form of buffalo curd with thick, dark brown treacle made from the Kithul palm. Try it and the taste will put supermarket yoghurt in a perspective. .You‘ll be offered this as a ‘desert’, a frequent mispronunciation of dessert, but it makes an ideal light breakfast and a perfect foil to spicy food.