Most Spectacular Festivals
Esala Perahera in July/August in Kandy. The most important festival of   the year extending over 10 days, climaxing on the Nikini full moon. This great   procession – elephants extravagantly decorated, Kandyan dancers, fire walkers,   spinning plates- honours the Sacred Tooth Relic of Kandy. The best parades are   during the final 3 days. The crowds can be huge and queueing will start during   the day for evening events which might frustrate young children and impatient   travelers alike. Helga’s   Folly is just a short stroll away from the parades.
Duruthu Perahera held on Poya day in January. This festival in Colombo   celebrates Buddha’s first visit to Sri Lanka.
National day : Feb 4 celebrates Sri Lanka’s IndependenceEaster : Christian Passion Prayer performed near Negombo
APRIL 13th   & 14th                       Sinhala and Tamil New   Year The two main ethnic   groups in Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese and the Tamils celebrate a common traditional   New Year in the month of April originally harvesting thanks giving.  This marks   the passage of the sun from Pisces to Aries.  Traditional customs are observed   on this day with merrymaking and fun and games and lavish hospitality.
Deepavali – Hindu festival of lights in Oct/Nov. Thousands   of flickering oil lamps celebrate the victory of good over evil and the return   of Rama. The Tea country will see the most colourful celebrations as the pickers   are granted holiday from the fields
MAY 15th & 16th                       Vesak Full Moon  Vesak is a thrice blessed   day for Buddhists throughout the world.   It commemorates the birth of Prince   Siddhartha, his attaining enlightenment and passing away into Nibbana as   Gauthama Buddha.  It is a day of great sanctity devoted to religious observances   and charity.  The day is also celebrated with festivity with numerous colourful   decorations and illuminations, pandals and pageants.  Wayside stalls distribute   food and refreshments to the pilgrims and passers   by.                   .
Tamil Thai Pongal Day – Tamil New Year in early/mid January.   Nuwara Eliya and the Hill Country will be alive with family parties and Horse   Racing
Christmas Day & New Year – Christian events are celebrated   with equal enthusiam within the hotels, eg banquets, fire works, discos. The   focus of the local people will be ensuring that the tourists have a wonderful   time.