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Three Wheels

The Three Wheeler, a taxi capable of carrying 2-3 persons, has become one of the most popular mode of transport in cities as well as in remote areas in the country. This Indian made Vehicles origin can be traced to the Rickshaw ,much used during the colonial days. The three wheeler could be the cheaper private transport other than buses, but you will have to agree in the hire before getting into it. Regardless of the air and noise pollution this transport system is still widely used in Sri Lanka .There are three wheelers wih signage “meter Taxi”, they run by the meter.


Railway is one of the most comfortable modes of transport in Sri Lanka.Travel by trains is always much more relaxing than any other. There is an information counter at the Fort Railway Station, Colombo for time tables and reservations. If tours also organize railway tours.

If you like to travel by train, you should visit Fort Railway station if you are in Colombo, otherwise the nearest railway station and obtain information of the time table.

The telephone number of the information counter of fort station.

Accomodation in the train with observation saloon can be reserved usually ten days ahead when you plan to travel.Berths reservation .Air-conditioned coaches are available on the Northern line.

There are eight locomotive lines, namely:

Main Line: Colombo-Kandy-Badulla

Matale Line: Colombo-Kandy-Matale

Puttalam line: Colombo-Puttalam-Noor Nagar

Northern Line: Colombo-Vavuniya though Anuradhapura

Batticaloa Line: Colombo-Pollonnaruwa-Batticaloa

Colombo- Tricomalee through Maho,Colombo-Polonnaruwa through Maho

Coastal Line: Maradana-Colombo-Galle-Matara

Kelani Valley Line: Colombo-Avissavella


Private Buses

Private buses are available on almost all the roadways in the country. There are many routes where only private buses are available. There are many kinds of buses ranging from semi luxury buses to small mini buses. You Will experience that traveling by bus is not that reliable in time, specially over short distances, and not going to be comfortable as most of the time busses are crowded, other  than during odd hours. Also you may not expect these buses at night time as they do not run during less crowded times in the nights.

Public Buses

There are public buses to almost all the destinations, including remote villages. Each and every route has a number. The condition of these buses depends on their routes. There are intercity express buses for main cities. They run strictly by the time table. These buses are less comfortable but reliable and change cheaper fares compared to others. Reservations can be made to long distances.

Buses on Highway to Galle

There are buses from Colombo to Galle and Galle to Colombo sterting from 5.20am to 8.40 pm in every 20 minutes.Colombo busses satart from Maharagama town while Galle busses start from Galle Bus Stand.

Radio Cabs

There are a few Radio Cab Service while provide an excellent service for both short and long distances. May be the most reliable service. You can expect English speaking drivers and comfortable cars. At the arrival lounge of the Air Port You can see counters of Radio Cab Services where you can get a cab. They do have a taxi meter and for long return distances you may be able to negotiate a rate. They have a good back service for any emergency.

Other Cabs

While a few companies run with comfortable cars especially through hotels, there are many companies that run cab services with both cars and vans. They are available around the clock. They advertise the telephone number and will be at your door step within 15-30 min. when called. Most of these cabs do not have taxi meters and charge per kilometers and they also issue a receipt on request. You can negotiate a better  rate for long distances.

Rent a car

Self drivers cars or cars with a chauffeur are available in Colombo. There are many rent a car companies to offer cars, vans, Jeeps, and Motor Cycles. One month’s deposit may have to be made as an initial deposit with your identification. The rental would depend on your selection ,model of the vehicle and the condition of the vehicle. Make sure that you understand the agreement clearly.

Domestic Air Lines

Sri Lankan Air-Sea planes

Sri Lankan Air Taxy service flies to Kandy,Koggala and Dickwella from Kelaniya and Dadugama

Postal Service

There is a wide network of postal services in sri lanka ,including sub post offices and agency post offices ,they accept air mail or sea mail of parcels, and the latter may take a longer time, may be 2-6 weeks. They also offer speed post service.

Courier Services