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Trekking Expedition in Knuckles


THE KNUCKLES MOUNTAIN RANGE covers parts of Kandy and Matale districts and is separated from the Central Hills by the Mahaveli Valley to the South and East and the Matale Valley to the West. Its name derived from its shape of a clenched fist, which forms a scenic wonderland. What makes the Knuckles Forest/Mountain Range unique is the geographical character of its location. Perpendicular to the mountain range that runs from Laggala to Urugala runs three distinct but lesser ranges while there are other minor ranges running parallel to it. There are a total of 34 clearly identified such ranges with in the 62 square miles that makes up 3000-6500feet in height.

Guests will be met at Corbet View & start trekking.

CORBETT’S GAP This is very beautiful location in the Knuckles range of mountains surrounded by a pygmy forest. Down below, at around 3500ft is a tropical montane evergreen forest, which is inhabited by many rare and endemic flora and fauna; such as, endemic Tennent’s Horned Lizard, Sri Lanka white-eye, rare Mountain frog (polypedates eques), Barne’s Cat Snake etc. The route to this location is through Hunnasgiriya, Lulwatta and Kobomella – the distance being 16-1/2km.

MEEMURE is an ancient isolated village deep in the Knuckles wilderness area, 15km away from Corbett’s gap, with people who, have traditional cultural attitudes towards the forest, and are imbued with many positive aspects, rely heavily on the forest for their survival; gaining as much as 63%of their total income from the forest resources.


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