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Situated 257 Km from Colombo, This city is the ideal refuge for the beach addicts. It comprises a fine natural harbor and excellent beaches. Horatio Nelson – the British admiral of the 18th century – had on arriving at the Trincomalee harbor ,described it as the finest harbor in the world.This beautiful harbor was in use since the days of the early Sinhala Kings. At the site there is an old Portuguese/Dutch fort which has an inscription above its entrance ,made by Dutch in 1878,is reminiscent of the colonial rule. It was subsequently named “ford Frederick” by the British


296 Km from Colombo city. Trincomalee harbor is one of the world’s best natural harbors which could provide ample space for ship and tankers. The water area is little more than 2000 hectares. Prima Wheat factory and Petroleum(China Bay) Tanks mostly use this harbor.

Trinco town Offers everything that you need ,including internate facilities. There are many guest houses and a few hotels in town and along Nilaveli road. There are lots of local and foreign guests during weekends.

Trinco town is dedivated to protect deer and you can see them freely moving along roads.

Fort Fredrick

During the Dutch period it was a military fortress. It was built by the Portuguese. From here you can have a good view of the Harbor Entrance.

Koneshwaram Kovil

Hindu temple inside Fort Fredrick .visitors and Hindu devotees visit the Kovil. also in the vicinity is the Lover’s Leap.Which is next to the Kovil.from this point a Dutch officer’s daughter leapt o her death.

Hot Water Wells – Kanniyai

About 5Km away from Trinco town,on Puttalam Road at Kanniyai.There are seven hot water wells close to each other. There are changing rooms, if you like to have a hot water shower.

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island is situated 1Km off the coast of Nilaveli.Just a few hudred metres offshore from Nilaveli beach(about a 15 min outboard moteo boat trip)The island’s name derives from the Rock Pigeon.Pigeon Island contains some of the best remaining coral reefs of Sri Lanka.Pigeon Island consists of two islands, The large pigeon island is fringed by a coral reef, and is about 200m long and 100m wide. The small pigeon island is surrounded by rocky islets. This is a National Park and the Department of Wild Life Conservation has an office at the Nilaweli Beach.You need to buy a ticket to visit the island and there are many boat operators in service.

Lanka Patuna

Lanka Patuna Viharaya in Trincomalee district is one of the oldest Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka.It dates back to the time the Sacred Tooth Relic was brought toSri laka by princess Hemamala doughter of King Guhaseeva of Kalinga who was accompanied by her husband prince Dantha During the Reignof king Kithsiri Mewan who was the son of king Mahasen.

Seruwila Mangala Viharaya

The Seruwila Viharaya in Trincomalee district is considered as one of the  most venerable ancient temples in the Eastern Province.This Viharaya is said to be built by King Kavantissa, the father of King Dutugemunu by enshrining the forehead relic of Buddha in the second century BC.

It is about 30Km south of Trincomalee on the coastal road from Trincomalee-Batticaloa to Seruwila.Seruwila Raja Maha Vihare is also accessible from Kantalai on the 45Km long road from Kantalai of Allai.

Over the years ,the dagaba fell into decay under the pressure of Tamil invasions from the north. It was only at the beginning of the last century that the dagaba was restored to  its pristine glory by the Archeological Department. The remains of ancient structures still survive around the dagaba. There are also ancient caves in the area. Two Buddha Figures seated under the hood of the Naga King Mucalinda are also found here. In the vicinity of the dagaba is an ancient inscription which goes back to the second century.

The abandoned Viharaya was discovered in the year 1920 by a young bhikkhu living in a temple at Dodanduwa in the Southern Province after having read about the Seruwila Mangala Vihara which existed in the eastern province.

Thiriyaya Girihadu Seya

The Girihadu Seya temple at Thiriyaya is considered unique as it is supposed to be the oldest Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka enshrined with the hair relic of the Buddha.

It is believed that the Girihadu Seya was built when the Buddha was alive, by the two brother merchants Thapassu and Balluka, who were the first to offer alms to Buddha after he reached Buddha hood in 528BC.

A stone inscription dated to the eighth century found in the ruins at the site reveals that these two merchants carried the hair relic with them on al foreign business venture, they  placed the hair relic on a rock and spent the night.on the following day, they couldn’t lift the container, which had the hair relic .Realizing that the spot was blessed place, they decided ,in accordance with tradition, to built a Dagaba enshrining the relic. This was how Girihaduseya Dagaba was Built in Thiriyaya in Sri Lanka. Another stone inscription belonging to the 2nd century BC reveals that this was a monastery as far back as 150BC.This monastery was also destroyed several times by the invaders.The Thiriyaya Dagaba was restored in 1952 AD. Thiriyaya is situated 45KM northwest of Trincomalee.Thiriyaya is accessible on three roads.Padaviya – pulmodai road,40Km from Kumburupitiya on Trincomalee-nilaveli – Kuchchaveli road,and from Morawewa on Morawewa – Gomarankadawala road.

Velgam Vehera

Velgam Vehera is some 14Km north west of Trincomalee off the Trincomalee – Horowupothana road. It is an ancient Buddhist shrine. This Vihara complex was also destroyed several times by the invaders but it is also important to note that this temple had been protected several times by the Tamil Buddhists in the past.

Velgam Vehera had been declared an archeological reserve in 1934.during excavations, attention was focused on two conspicuous mounds at the site. one proved to be a stupa in ruins and the other a brick built image house. As clearing was extended  to the other areas the ground plan of a fascinating building complex and architectural remains of an impressive character were uncovered. Everywhere there had been much evidence of meticulous vandalism and the cruel work of treasure hunters determined to take away everything of value.

Ven.Ampitiya Seelawansa Thero is the Chief Incumbent at this temple and he is dedicated to reconstruct ,develop and re-establish this historic temple as a pilgrimage center.