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Victoria Dam

   The Victoria Dam is located across the Mahaweli Ganga immediately upstream of the Victoria Falls rapids at about 130 miles from the river mouth. The site is about 72 aerial miles east of Colombo, 4 miles from Teldeniya. There is a good road from Colombo to Teldeniya distance about 84 miles. The present access from Teldeniya to the site is along the jungle track 4 miles long. The nearest railway station is Kandy.. Construction work was ceremonially inaugurated on this Project by President Jayawardana on August 14, 1978. It was ceremonially commissioned on April 12th 1985.Main contractors for the Dam and Tunnel were the Joint British Venture, Balfour Beatty Nuttal and the Power Station was contracted to Costan International. Victoria dam is the highest dam in Sri Lanka and has the largest Power Station in the country. It consists of a double curvature arch dam of maximum height 122m (400ft), a circular concrete-lined tunnel of 6 meters diameter (19.7ft) leading to 3 Francis turbines, each of 70 MW capacity and generating 780 GIGA Watt hours, housed in a reinforced concrete power station 52 m (170ft) long and 30m (98ft) wide. The dam which is located between the Hulu Ganga confluence and the Mahaweli Ganga rapids called “Victoria Falls” measures 507m (1663ft) along the crest. The catchments area at this dam site is 1869 sq km(730sq miles) and the gross capacity of the reservoir is 728 M cu.m.(500,800 acre feet) at a full supply level of 438 m(1437 ft). there is a 21 meter (69ft.)diameter concrete-lined chamber to protect the tunnel from surge, effects.