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 Yapahuwa a Royal Stronghold in the 13th century AD – a site to which the sacred tooth of Lord Buddhasmoved to save this sacred relic from marauding invaders from south India.

The 100 meters high Yapahuwarock is easily accessible and is also referred to as the rock fortress – some calming that Yapahuwa even excels Sigiriya,

maybe because some of the surviving stonework is indeed exquisite.

Yapahuwa.The Fortress of Buvanekabahu. You can reach yapahuwa When You travel from Kurunegala to

Anuradhapura via Padeniya and turn from Daladagama Junction.Found here are the ruins of a fortified palace believed tohave been

built by Buvanekabahu -1 in the 13th century. The palace built of stone is surrounded by ramparts and  two moats,

with an arnamental strirway with some well preserved lions leading to it.When the Dambadeniya kingdom fell after

king Wijayabahu IV ,the throne was taken by Prince Buwanekabahu(The son of Parakramabahu)who ruled the

kingdom from Yapahuwa.The sacred tooth Relic was brought from Dambadeniya to Yapahuwa and kept in the

specially built palace.The ruins of this temple can be seen today and is considered an archeologically valuable site.